A magical place

A few days ago I had an awesome hike in southern Denmark – here are some impressions. 🙂

Open Street Map - Denmark
Source: Open Street Map

The trail led me trough a beautiful forest along the baltic coast – it was really magical.

Norre Skov, Baltic Sea, Denmark
Norreskoven near Fynshav

Normally the Baltic Sea is a little bit murky, but today the water had nearly the same colour as the South Pacific – it was just awesome, and particularly very calming.

Norreskov, Denmark
Baltic Sea

This day was composed of many little wonders. Many little, beautiful moments, fitting together perfectly …

Norreskov, Denmark
The soil was covered with thousands of beech blossoms

I really like Denmark. Not just because of the many, many beautiful coastal sections, but also because of the fact that this country is less densely populated than my home country Germany.

This was definately not my last hike in this area. 🙂

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